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The South Devon Players theatre company, Brixham, are casting for a non-profit, crowdfunded internet film series, based on Victor Hugos novel Les Miserables, and will be holding auditions soon in Plymouth. Please contact us if interested: (and feel free to share with anyone interested)
Our main group website: www.southdevonplayers.com
email: southdevonplayers@gmail.com / lesmisseries@gmail.com



Saturday November 15th, 3pm- 6pm in Studio 1, TR2 Training and Education Centre, 12 Neptune Park, Cattedown, Plymouth PL4 0SJ

This audition session is hosted at the Theatre Royal Plymouth training and education centre, at Cattedown, not at the Theatre Royal building on Royal Parade.

Please contact us to let us know to expect you.

If you have already been cast, you do not need to attend this.

We are also interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in joining us as film crew, please drop us a line.

Overall, this is a three year project, with filming taking place for each crowdfunded episode, over a few days, after funding has been raised. During filming days, shoots could be an early start to late finish, and for relevant characters also include night-time shoots. A lot of locations will be in and around Devon and Cornwall in the UK, some locations in France, especially for later episodes, will be looked into as well.

This is a pretty different project, as it is based on Victor Hugo's UNABRIDGED novel (this is not the musical or a single feature film!) and we are remaining as faithful to that unabridged novel as is possible.

Due to the nature of crowdfunding we are hoping to be able to pay our performers, but this depends entirely on funds raised, and may alter episode by episode as the series gets more well known, but at the minimum, once you have been cast as a character in the series, your expenses will be covered.

Depending on what character you wish to audition for, and are cast as you may be required for several episodes (or indeed all of them), or simply one.


Please contact us with a photograph, and a few words about the kind of role you are looking for. We will send you an audition pack and audition pieces suitable for your appearance. Please note that you do not need to learn the parts, just familiarise yourself with them.

At the auditions, you will be asked to perform the piece on video camera, as a screen test. We will be looking at your characterization, focus, and the realism of your portrayal of the character. We also will be looking at how you take direction, and interact with other people.

There are several child roles, but all children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Please be aware that we cannot accept auditions or applications via email or video. In order to be considered for a role, you need to attend in person.



- Read Victor Hugo's unabridged novel online (or get the free ebook)http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/135 (you will probably want to do this if you get in, anyway.

- Our film project website (being updated): http://lesmiserablesfilm.weebly.com/

- The Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/799709386737555/

- The film facebook fan page:

- What we expect of performers: http://lesmiserablesfilm.weebly.com/get-involved.html

- List of characters being cast for: (being updated this week) http://lesmiserablesfilm.weebly.com/casting.html

- Our main theatre company website:

- The South Devon Players facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sdevonplayers
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UK government bans groups of more than six people from Sept 14th.

This has been announced today in light of the national Covid-19 increases in infections.

While we are of course awaiting further information on the specifics, due out later this week, as things stand all of our rehearsals and shows scheduled for this autumn are taking place digitally.

We do have one planned film shoot, which luckily involves six people (no more than three at any given time) and are considering the need for any additional safety therein, in addition to the existant Covid risk management plan, however we have backup plans to produce the work in other ways so it will go ahead in one form or another.

We also hope that all our “physical” venues whom, before the pandemic, we had hoped to bring shows to this autumn will remain in contact (all will be emailed over the next few days) for 2021 and beyond.

What we do believe is that people’s health needs to come first - however hugely frustrating this setback is for shows and filming. However, the more careful we all are of one another, the fewer people get ill and the sooner all this fades into the history books .


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Internationally award-winning Brixham theatre company announce an autumn “virtual season” of plays w


For immediate release – 19/ 08/ 2020


Internationally award-winning Brixham theatre company announce an autumn “virtual season” of plays with an international team of actors and writers

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company, remain active through the Covid crisis, creating virtual theatre productions, as well as planning for the future.

This “virtual autumn season” is a response to the Covid19 restrictions on performing traditional venue-based theatre. While the Players will return to normal theatre performance as soon as practicable and safe for both cast and crew, in line with the current government guidance, they feel it very important to keep working and creating in the interim.

For the time being therefore, the Players have moved into cyberspace, with actors and crew joining us on screen from their home studios, in the UK, USA, and Ireland, rehearsing and performing online, where audiences all over the world can access the performance, and the cast & crew can earn equal shares of whatever is made from the online performances ticket sales (every penny goes to the actors and crew).

For our online season, we have teamed up with three new writers; Ashley Griffin, Germaine Shames, and Rachel O'Neill

Broadcasts of the plays will be ticketed events, via a link to a hidden area of our .com website, provided to ticket buyers at the time of ticket purchase. Tickets will be sold via our website box office, linked to our ticketsource account.

The first play, due at the beginning of October, explores the power and importance of storytelling, Snow (a new play by US writer Ashley Griffin, creator of the pop culture phenomenon Forever Deadward, and the first person ever nominated for a major award for both playing and directing Hamlet,) follows three disparate storylines that all revolve around the fairy tale Snow White. Utilizing a structure similar to Cloud Atlas and The Hours, six actors playing multiple roles tell the stories of the Grimm Brothers (who originally collected and published the classic fairy tale), the Campbells (a Victorian theatrical family whose lives begin to mirror Snow White), and modern day Astrid (a young woman who, after her abusive mother puts her in a coma, must decide whether or not to wake up). Incorporating aspects of American Gods, and classic storytelling techniques a la Peter and the Starcatcher, Snow is a dark and moving play that mines our storytelling traditions both in style and subject matter. SNOW received three NYITA nominations and was performed off Broadway in NYC and developed at Playwrights Horizons.

The second play, due at the end of October, is The Lost Girl by Germaine Shames, based on the eponymous novel by D.H. Lawrence.

Alvina Houghton, the headstrong daughter of a widowed Midlands draper, comes of age just as her father’s business is failing. In a desperate attempt to regain his fortune and secure his daughter’s proper place in society, James Houghton buys a theatre. Among the travelling performers he employs is Ciccio, a sensual Italian who immediately captures Alvina’s attention. A celebration of freedom, however fleeting, and a testament to the power of the imagination to transform even the most mundane life. The script has been vetted by international D.H. Lawrence scholar, Catherine Brown. Jessica Levinson Young, Artistic Director of Untold Theatre, writes, “I absolutely loved this script for The Lost Girl. It has incredible pace and the dialogue simply leaps off the page!" . The script won Starlight Theater's 2019-20 Playwriting Award . Another of Germaine's D.H. Lawrence adaptations, THE VIRGIN and the GYPSY, received a reading at the 2018 Festival of New American Theatre.

Then comes Sir Walter's Women, a play written by Rachel O'Neill, for 2Time Theatre in Winchester.
This is a one-act drama that reimagines the life of the charismatic poet, pirate and son of Devon, Sir Walter Raleigh. The play looks at his relationships with the two most important women in his life; one domestic with his wife Bess Throckmorton, and the other political as he manoeuvres his status as a favourite of Elizabeth I to satisfy his political ambitions. His great error is marrying Bess in secret, to the great and lasting displeasure of the Queen. The play ends with Sir Walter's incarceration, trial and execution. Rachel’s plays, Tilly and The Spitfires and The Fasting Girl have had rehearsed readings at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton and her most recent work, E
ager for the Air was shortlisted by the RAF for an audio drama marking the Battle of Britain.

And finally – William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew . A project by some of our team members, this adaptation of the full, original text, creative challenge exploring 'further developing on the idea of creating digital performance and new techniques of expressing characters, with the roles being split between two actors. Through painstaking character development, innovative performance, video editing, and use of online media tools, this production is going to be one which presents a traditional comedy, in a very new, modern way.

As is widely known, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, caused postponement and cancellation of live shows for several months, for every theatre in the UK. During lockdown, the South Devon Players decided to resist the trend of companies closing,and the Players decided to create online performances, in which the actors come together to perform online from the safety of their own homes. This in itself has not been easy, as many people in the team, have had to learn new technology & software, and find ways to make it work on household electronics, with the cast and crew working from their lockdown locations mainly in south Devon but also sheltering in place spread across the UK, as well as the Republic of Ireland, and the USA. .

The South Devon Players Theatre and Film Company, are developing a proud tradition of creating world-class historical and classical dramas. In 2019, their production of Macbeth, was booked for a second tour and won an international theatre award in New York for its professionalism and creativity. Laura Jury, the director of that production of Macbeth, & many of the Player's shows, and founder of the theatre company, has returned to lead this new project. Laura has also recently been selected to appear in an online Shakespeare project by the Globe Theatre. With lockdown, the Players have been using the internet to perform and livestream digital theatre from Brixham, around the world to global audiences

The South Devon Players were founded in the winter of 2005-6, on the proceeds of a carboot sale, to create professional opportunities for local actors, and has flourished ever since; previously winning national and regional arts awards, including the national Epic Award 2017 for England, a national arts award celebrating creativity and innovation in grassroots arts. Based in Brixham, the Players primarily specialise in researched historical theatre productions and old “Classics”.


Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: @sdevonplayers1

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Our internationally awardwinning production of #Shakespeares #Macbeth coming to brixham_theatre on Oct 12th. Tickets still available; book today to avoid disappointment- contacts on the show poster. See more about our productions on www.southdevonplayers.com #theatre #brixham #devon #torbay #whatson #performingarts #actors #actorslife #entertainment #paignton #torquay #stage

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Macbeth and Les Miserables - a catch up!

Sorry for having been quiet on this front for a while - we have been increcibly busy building the organisation, and some of our peripheral blogs have ended up sadly negelcting. The good news is that we are back to normal on here!

So, most recetly we have been performing our stage production of Macbeth which has had amazing reviews which you can read on our main website at https://www.southdevonplayers.com/latest-news1/fantastic-feedback-for-our-production-of-macbeth-at-brixham-theatre.

We are performing at Torquay museum again on Feb 1st and 2nd 2019.
(and then on Feb 10th we are casting for our stage production of Les Miserables: all information here: https://www.southdevonplayers.com/auditions.html

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A dark drama based on the true story of the mysterious, unidentified serial killer who terrorised Victorian London. Combining theories of the killer, with a steampunk adaptation, in style, music and ulitimate motive, This is a production by a nationally award-winning theatre and film company, of local actors and creatives, bringing a whole new adaptation of this tale, to the stage.

This show does contain violent scenes, and descriptions of wounds. It does not contain bad language.

We are a Brixham theatre & film company, and are touring the show around South Devon and Bristol.

Saturday July 8th 2017, 7.30pm (doors open at 7PM)
Sunday July 9th 2017, 2.30pm (doors open at 2pm)
Sunday July 9th, 7.30PM (doors open at 7PM)

Friday July 14th 2017, 7.30pm (doors open at 7PM)


Fridau July 21st 2017, 7.30pm (doors open at 7PM)


Satrurday July 22nd 2017, 7.30pm (doors open at 7PM)

For alternate venues, please see our website www.southdevonplayers.com and click the Box office tab.

Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: sdevonplayers1
email southdevonplayers@gmail.com
Youtube: southdevonplayers
TEL 07855 090589

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Dawlish Fairy Market - Promoting the Mordred stage show

What a mindblowing day! We had a great afternoon at the Dawlish Fairy Market, promoting Mordred: a film & stage show by The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Co. with the Battle of Camlann. Many thanks to all our lovely helpers and actors who were able to come over to participate, and the people who joined our team to have their photos. ! Don't forget if you want to see the full stage show in Paignton, Dartington (Totnes) or Dartmouth, book your tickets now http://www.southdevonplayers.com/box-office.html We did make a few compromises on attire; we allowed modern footwear in case ground was slippy from the rain. :) - Many thanks to Jem Payne for getting the Camlann photos, and to Rob Baldwin for running the event. :) And for people who asked about Ashleys re-enactment group, the page is Drengskept Hird