The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D (elven_ranger) wrote in sdp_theatre,
The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D

Macbeth and Les Miserables - a catch up!

Sorry for having been quiet on this front for a while - we have been increcibly busy building the organisation, and some of our peripheral blogs have ended up sadly negelcting. The good news is that we are back to normal on here!

So, most recetly we have been performing our stage production of Macbeth which has had amazing reviews which you can read on our main website at

We are performing at Torquay museum again on Feb 1st and 2nd 2019.
(and then on Feb 10th we are casting for our stage production of Les Miserables: all information here:


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