elven_ranger wrote in sdp_theatre

UK government bans groups of more than six people from Sept 14th.

This has been announced today in light of the national Covid-19 increases in infections.

While we are of course awaiting further information on the specifics, due out later this week, as things stand all of our rehearsals and shows scheduled for this autumn are taking place digitally.

We do have one planned film shoot, which luckily involves six people (no more than three at any given time) and are considering the need for any additional safety therein, in addition to the existant Covid risk management plan, however we have backup plans to produce the work in other ways so it will go ahead in one form or another.

We also hope that all our “physical” venues whom, before the pandemic, we had hoped to bring shows to this autumn will remain in contact (all will be emailed over the next few days) for 2021 and beyond.

What we do believe is that people’s health needs to come first - however hugely frustrating this setback is for shows and filming. However, the more careful we all are of one another, the fewer people get ill and the sooner all this fades into the history books .



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